Born in Northern Ireland in 1979, I completed my PhD in 2008 at University of Ulster, Belfast in the School of Art and Design. I have held lecturing contracts with Dartington College of Arts, University of Ulster and University York St. John, where I currently work full-time as senior lecturer in fine art.

My research focuses on the interrelation of art and politics. This subject is of great importance to me and is something I have explored relentlessly since 1999 through artworks, critical writing, curatorial projects and publishing. My activities in all these fields has led me to conceive a multifaceted, cross disciplinary art practice and to participate in many international exhibitions, conferences, meetings, publications and dialogues.

When not teaching I live in York where I continue to be internationally active, collaborating with individuals, groups and organisations who are also interested in critically questioning the historical and contextual social politics of artistic endeavour.

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