About Tiffany Jenkins | TiffanyJenkins.

Dr Tiffany Jenkins is a sociologist and cultural commentator.

Her academic research explores contested authority in the cultural sector, concepts of cultural value, cultural policy, and cultural property issues such as repatriation. These interests are underpinned by a study of authority and how today it has to continually justify itself and is constantly questioned and contested. Her research also examines the symbolic meanings and strategic use of human remains, and how the body becomes a locale for so many cultural, political, and ethical debates. And she is interested in memorialisation, commemoration and cultural reflections on death.

Her mongraph, Contesting Human Remains in Museum Collections: the crisis of cultural authority is published by Routledge.

She is also director of the arts and society programme at the Institute of Ideas and a Committee Member of the Battle of Ideas. She organises public debates and private seminars on the arts, cultural policy, and current affairs, bringing together artists, authors, academics, journalists, scientists, and the public, to discuss interesting and difficult ideas, at a high, but accessible, level. She is the co-convener of the IoI’s Arts and Society Forum, which is a regular and open discussion group on cultural policy and the arts. Do email her if you would like to come along.

She is a co-convener of the British Sociological Association study group, Sociologists Outside Academia, which aims to raise the status of sociological work undertaken beyond an academic context, and she is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce.

Tiffany is a frequent contributor to the broadsheet press, writing comment and features on culture and politics. This is a site detailing her academic research, journalism, public events and publications.