I am a Fantasy

Margaret Harrison (b. 1940) is one of Britain’s best known feminist artists, a pioneer of feminist art, whose peers and collaborators include Mary Kelly, Nancy Spero and Orlan.  Margaret’s early work was influenced by British Pop art of the late 1950s.  She created drawings, paintings, and installations using images culled from the popular press and featuring iconic cultural figures including Valerie Solanas (Warhol’s would-be assassin) stamping on a Brillo box, Captain America with comedy breasts and high heels, and Hugh Heffner dressed as a Bunny Girl.  These images seem funny now, but her first show in London was closed down by the Police after one day on grounds of indecency.  Margaret’s work for I am a Fantasy continues to “tread the fine line between irony, sexuality, trans-gender, transvestism, power, masculinity, objectification and exploitation”.

Working alongside Margaret Harrison are performance artists The Girls; Zoe Sinclair (b. 1976) and Andrea Blood (b. 1975).  Recently described as “a quintessentially English answer to Cindy Sherman, but double, and with something of the wit and chemistry of French & Saunders distilled by a camera,” The Girls bring a sexy irreverent Post-Feminist punch to the table.  Like Margaret, The Girls use humour as a tool to cross boundaries that would otherwise remain taboo.  The Girls are masters of the tongue-in-cheek tableau vivant.  For I am a Fantasy they have created a new static performance that evokes ill-fated fairy-tale heroines.

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Dates: 15 April to 21 May 2011

I am a Fantasy