Sigmund Freud was the first person to introduce the terms conscious, subconscious and unconscious while describing the factors of human personality. He also describes in detail about id, ego and super-ego in which conscious and unconscious played a major role. These are actually three levels of human personality also called level of awareness.

Conscious mind
The conscious mind is actually where we are paying attention at the moment that includes only our current thinking processes and objects of attention and thus concerned with our large part of active brain area.
Let me explain this with simple example. You are reading this article and you know that you are reading this is actually you are conscious about it. You are typing something definitely you are aware of it and what you are typing that awareness level is consciousness.

Unconscious mind
The unconscious includes those things of which you are aware of but you are not paying attention at that moment but you can deliberately bring them into the conscious mind whenever you like.

Lets have an example that if your friend came and ask you “hey, what did you wear yesterday?” You will think for a while and then answer him, “I was wearing blue jeans with black t-shirt”. Now while you are thinking you are actually bringing material from unconscious level that is stored in your mind regarding yesterday and then bring it to conscious level to answer him. You are not remembering your dress but you recall it whenever some one ask for it.

Subconscious mind
At the subconscious level all process and content are out of the reach of the conscious mind.

Taking above example. If your friend ask you what did you wear 5 days before or a month ago. You answer him by saying sorry i am unable to recall it. That is because of your subconscious level. Information that is not needed and not recalled will automatically goes to subconscious level and can never be recall again, out of reach.

Difference between Conscious and Unconscious
  • Conscious mind is active part of your brain and is logical while unconscious mind need processessing.
  • Unconscious mind is capable of multitasking while conscious mind does not have this ability.
  • Unconscious mind can make associations and links between many thoughts and ideas while conscious mind is linear and thinks in terms of cause and effect.
  • Unconscious mind knows why while conscious mind seeks why.
  • Unconscious minds perceives and feels while conscious mind does intellectual thinking
  • While conscious mind works in the waking state, unconscious mind is associated with dreams, reflection, meditation and sleep.
  • Conscious mind has to make effort to move parts of your body while unconscious mind does it involuntarily.


Difference between Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious.