This website is home to my art, curating, research, teaching and writing practice.

Through my work, I try to inspect the uncertain relationships between art and society. This involves establishing how to declare my politics through my practice, rethinking what it means to be paid to be critical and devising tactics to challenge notions of authorship.

Since co-founding the curatorial partnership B+B in 2000, I have gone on to pursue my independent practice, with projects such as ‘Critical Friends’ (2008-ongoing), a participant-led investigation into socially engaged art; ‘The Wild Spirits of Efford’ (2010), my first radio play and ‘Het Reservaat’ (2007) a large-scale community performance in a Dutch new town.

I also write and facilitate workshops, dealing with issues of public art, the politics of socially engaged art and curating as critical practice and have recently completed my PhD: ‘Participating in the Wrong Way? Practice Based Research into Cultural Democracy and the Commissioning of Art to Effect Change’ at Birkbeck, University of London, where I am a lecturer on the MA in Arts Management and Policy.

You can contact me on: sophiehope[at]