52 Resident Thinkers

From the moment the expedition team set sail to the Arctic in September 2011 until the final weekend of the Cultural Olympiad in September 2012, Nowhereisland will have a different Resident Thinker each week. Our 52 Resident Thinkers will be drawn from environmentalism to peace activism, broadcasting to stand-up comedy, sustainable farming to human rights. Each week’s letter will be the focus of live public discussion here online and you can follow previous conversations in response to previous thinkers here.

Nowhereisland Resident Thinkers have used the opportunity to test out new ideas about how we might shape our society. These propositions are independent views, imagining Nowhereisland as a place where we might begin again.

The Resident Thinkers programme is published by Situations at the University of the West of England, Bristol, 2012. The views expressed in the Resident Thinkers programme are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Publisher. May Contain Strong Language.