The biological, psychological and social facets of our human condition is at the heart of my fine art practice and creative engagement. How we come to know, see and experience ourselves in the world – our internal minds, external bodies and existential existence – inspires visual artwork centring the human anatomy, birth and maturation, disease and illness, and death.

The intimate juxtaposition of familiar objects commonplace in the domestic, clinical and mortuary settings, are meticulously and painstakingly rendered in miniature scale. Created from ordinary materials derived from the everyday, they exude a humble appearance whilst imparting potent morals about our irreversible, inevitable journey from ‘the cradle to the grave’. Sentimental in relation to childbirth and juvenile times, or with reference to debilitating age, illness, disease and death, they provide a platform for the projection of ones own authentic experience of life. The objects nourish lived experience and are inseparable from the thoughts, feelings and associations anchored by them. 

via dead weight: LIFE SIZE objects.