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Artist Interviews

Hew Locke on Ruined

Hew Locke is known internationally for his use of familiar symbols of power, which he embellishes and adorns in ways that might either be seen as a form of admiration …read on →

Tim Etchells on Winter Piece

In each of Tim Etchells’ projects, whether a performance, gallery installation or neon work, there is an encounter or an event unfolds, and through his use of language, narratives are … read on →

Ruth Claxton on And My Eyes Danced

In her gallery-based artworks, Ruth Claxton creates environments from clusters of coloured and mirrored surfaces encased in circular hoops that the audience may walk amongst. Repeated, framed glimpses of the … read on →

Claire Doherty on Lara Favaretto’s Without earth under foot

Firing confetti from a canon over an unsuspecting audience, suspending a Romany caravan in mid-air, or programming a small platoon of air compressors to blow party whistles are to name … read on →

Tania Kovats on Holm

Tania Kovats’ practice is focused on landscape, its geological formations and the cultural significance of places such as coastlines, islands and mountains. Tania was invited to create a work specifically …read on →

Wrights & Sights on Everything you need to build a town is here

Wrights & Sites (Stephen Hodge, Simon Persighetti, Phil Smith and Cathy Turner) is a group of artists whose research is focused on their relationships to places, cities, landscape and walking. … read on →

raumlaborberlin on Sillyscope

raumlaborberlin is a group of architects who combine experimental and participatory working methods with striking designs. They subvert our expectations of what architecture should do and be.  Here raumlaborberlin speak … read on →

Tim Etchells on Shelter Piece

Tim Etchells’ second work Shelter Piece for Weston-super-Mare is sited in a shelter on Marine Parade. Here Etchells talks about how he was particularly drawn to the formal grid structure … read on →

Jeppe Hein on Follow me

Jeppe Hein’s work encourages playful encounters and often surprises its audiences by playing with optical phenomena or by creating scenarios in which members of the public are encouraged to interact … read on →

Jeremy Deller on Battle of Orgreave

Collaboration and participation are central to Jeremy Deller’s work. As he explains, “a good collaboration is like going on a long journey without a map, never knowing quite where you … read on →


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Bruce Munro – Artist and Lighting designer.



New Green Figures… | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Born in Northern Ireland in 1979, I completed my PhD in 2008 at University of Ulster, Belfast in the School of Art and Design. I have held lecturing contracts with Dartington College of Arts, University of Ulster and University York St. John, where I currently work full-time as senior lecturer in fine art.

My research focuses on the interrelation of art and politics. This subject is of great importance to me and is something I have explored relentlessly since 1999 through artworks, critical writing, curatorial projects and publishing. My activities in all these fields has led me to conceive a multifaceted, cross disciplinary art practice and to participate in many international exhibitions, conferences, meetings, publications and dialogues.

When not teaching I live in York where I continue to be internationally active, collaborating with individuals, groups and organisations who are also interested in critically questioning the historical and contextual social politics of artistic endeavour.

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